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Programme title Coordinator
Aspects of singularity theory and applications Pedro D. González Pérez and María Pe Pereira
Decision Aid Models and Data Science for Logistics, Disaster Management and Social Analysis (DecData-Humlog) Begoña Vitoriano Villanueva and María Teresa Ortuño Sánchez
Interactions of Functional Analysis with Algebra, Geometry and Topology Juan Benigno Seoane Sepúlveda and Gustavo Adolfo Muñoz Fernández
Mathematical Models in Science and Technology with an Interdisciplinary Approach (Momat – IA) Ángel Manuel Ramos del Olmo and José María Rey Cabezas
Non-linear non-local PDEs, stochastic particles, and particle systems
(This program ended on 31 December 2023)
David Gómez Castro
Spatial and temporal heterogeneities in Nonlinear parabolic problems Julián López Gómez