Institutos Universitarios

Gregorio Tirado Domínguez

Titular de Universidad (Associate Professor)
Departamento de Economía Financiera y Actuarial y Estadística
Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales
Complutense University of Madrid
Decision Aid Models for Logistics and Disaster Management (Humanitarian Logistics) UCM-GR17-970643





Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), since 2019. PhD (2009) and Graduate (2004) in Mathematics from UCM. Member of the research group HUMLOG (Decision Aid Models in Logistics and Disaster Management-HUManitarian LOGistics) at UCM. Coordinator of the Virtual Campus in the Faculty of Economics and Management of UCM since 2019. Visiting researcher at several international universities: Technical University of Denmark (2008), Università degli studi di Milano (2009, 2012, 2013), University of Colorado at Boulder (2010), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (2010, 2014), Molde University College (2019).


Research interests

Mathematical Programming, Combinatorial Optimization, Logistics (both Commercial and Humanitarian), Vehicle Routing, Heuristics.


Latest Publications

    • I. Flores, M. T. Ortuño, G. Tirado. A goal programming model for early evacuation of vulnerable people and relief distribution during a wildfire. Safety Science. 2023, 164.
    • A. Denstad, E. Ulsund, M. Christiansen, L. M. Hvattum, G. Tirado. Multi-objective optimization for a strategic ATM network redesign problem. Annals of Operations Research 296:7-33 (2021).
    • A. Urrutia-Zambrana, G. Tirado, A. Mateos. Variable Neighborhood Search to solve the Generalized Orienteering Problem. International Transactions in Operational Research. 2021, 28, 142-167. 
    • L. M. Hvattum, G. Tirado y A. Felipe. The Double Traveling Salesman Problem with Multiple Stacks and a Choice of Container Types. Mathematics. 2020, 8(6), 979.
    • J. L. Arroyo, A. Felipe, M. T. Ortuño, G. Tirado. Effectiveness of carbon pricing policies for promoting urban freight electrification: analysis of last mile delivery in Madrid. Central European Journal of Operations Research. 2020, 28, 1417-1440.
    • I. Flores, M. T. Ortuño, G. Tirado, B. Vitoriano. Supported Evacuation for Disaster Relief through Lexicographic Goal Programming. Mathematics. 2020, 8, 648.
    • J. M. Ferrer, M. T. Ortuño, G. Tirado. A New Ant Colony-Based Methodology for Disaster Relief. Mathematics. 2020, 8, 518.