Institutos Universitarios

Begoña Vitoriano Villanueva

Titular de Universidad (Associate Professor)
Department of Statistics and Operations Research
School of Mathematical Sciences
Complutense University of Madrid
Decision Aid Models for Logistics and Disaster Management (Humanitarian Logistics) UCM-GR17-970643





Organiser of the IMI Data Science Club since 2019 and coordinator of the IMI programme DEC - HUMLOG: Decision Aid Models and Humanitarian Logistics. She is Associate Professor at the Department of Statistics and Operational Research of the Faculty of Mathematics, Complutense University of Madrid, since 2009. Begoña is leading the UCM research group in Decision Aid Models for Logistics and Disaster Management (Humanitarian Logistics) and the research group on Disasters, Development and Sustainability of SEIO (Spanish Society of Statistics and Operational Research). Begoña is the President of SEIO since June 2022 (she was elected president since June 2021).

PhD in Mathematics (Operational Research) in 1994, she has been university lecturer since 1990 at Complutense University and at Pontificia Comillas University (1997-2006), where she was also member of the Technological Research Institute.  She has been coordinator of the PhD Programme in Mathematical Engineering, Statistics and Operational Research of Complutense University and Technical University of Madrid (2015-2022), coordinator of the Master in Mathematical Engineering of Complutense University (2010-2012), coordinator of the Master in Disaster Management of Complutense University and Technical University of Madrid (2014-2019), and several Masters in Statistics (El Salvador, Peru and Mozambique).

Begoña Vitoriano has been involved in research projects all along her career, especially in knowledge and technology transferring, leading research projects since 1998, and she is author of around 60 research publications. She has supervised 5 phD theses. Besides she has got a big experience in Cooperation for Development, leading several projects since 1995 for El Salvador, Peru and Mozambique, and coordinating and taking part of different Committees for Developing Countries and Development (European Mathematical Society, IFORS, SEIO, CE-MAT, CIMPA…). 


Research interests

Operational Research, in particular, Mathematical Programming (Integer and Stochastic Programming) and Multicriteria Decision Making, mostly focused on Decision Aid Models for logistics in several sectors (power systems, railways transport, disaster management, humanitarian logistics…) and sustainable development.


Latest Publications

  • J. León, B. Vitoriano, J. Hearne. A risk-averse solution for the prescribed burning problem. Safety Science, 2022.  
  • F. Liberatore, J. León, J. Hearne, B. Vitoriano. Fuel management operations planning in fire management: A bilevel optimisation approach. Safety Science. 2021, 137, Article number 105181.
  • B. Vitoriano. Editorial Número especial dedicado a aplicaciones en la lucha contra la pandemia de COVID19. Boletín de Estadística e Investigación Operativa. 2020, 36 (2), 93-97. PDF.
  • F Liberatore, M Camacho-Collados, B Vitoriano. Police districting problem: Literature review and annotated bibliography. In Ríos-Mercado, R.Z. ed, Optimal Districting and Territory Design (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science), 2020, 9-29.
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