Contribuciones científicas 2021

Artículos derivados de las tesis defendidas en el curso 2020- 2021


Manuel Alonso Orts


  • Shape engineering driven by selective growth of SnO2 on doped Ga2O3 nanowires.

Alonso-Orts, A. M. S_anchez, I. L_opez, E. Nogales, J. Piqueras, B. M_endez.

Nano letters 17(1), 515-522 (2017).

  • Tailoring the shape of oxide complex nanostructures.

M_endez, I. L_opez, M. Alonso-Orts, A. Sanz, E. Nogales, P. Hidalgo, Piqueras.

Proceedings of SPIE 10248, 1024805 (2017).

  • 3D and 2D growth of SnO2 nanostructures on Ga2O3 nanowires: Synthesis and structural characterization.

Alonso-Orts, A. M. S_anchez, I. L_opez, E. Nogales, J. Piqueras, B. M_endez.

CrystEngComm 19(41), 6127-6132 (2017).

  • Modal analysis of _-Ga2O3:Cr widely tunable luminescent optical micro- cadvities.

Alonso-Orts, E. Nogales, J. M. San Juan, M. L. N_o, J. Piqueras, B. M_endez.

Physical Review Applied 9(6), 064004 (2018).

  • Structural and luminescence properties of Ga2O3:Zn micro- and nanostructures.

L_opez, M. Alonso-Orts, E. Nogales, B. M_endez. 

physica status solidi (a) 215(19), 1800217 (2018).

  • Direct observation of tunnelled intergrowth in SnO2/Ga2O3 complex nanowires.

M. Rigby, A. V Stamp, S. A. Hindmarsh, M. Alonso-Orts, E. Nogales, B. M_endez, A. M. S_anchez.

Nanotechnology 30(5), 054003 (2019).

  • Exciting and con_ning light in Cr doped gallium oxide.

Alonso-Orts, E. Nogales, J. M. San Juan, M. L. N_o, J. Piqueras, B. M_endez.

Proceedings of SPIE 10919, 109191S (2019).

  • Ge incorporation in gallium oxide nanostructures grown by thermal treatment.

Alonso-Orts, A. M. S_anchez, E. Nogales, B. M_endez.

Journal of Materials Science 55, 11431-11438 (2020).


Adrián Álvarez Fernández

  • CMS collaboration. “Measurements of properties of the Higgs boson decaying to a W boson pair in pp collisions at s=13TeV”.

In: Physics Letters B 791 (2019), pp. 96–129. issn: 0370-2693. doi: url:

  • CMS collaboration. “Measurement of the inclusive and differential Higgs boson production cross sections in the leptonic WW decay mode at s = 13 TeV”.

In: (2020). arXiv: 2007.01984 [hep-ex].


Miguel Aparicio Resco


  • Parametrizing growth in dark energy and modified gravity models

Miguel Aparicio Resco, Antonio L. Maroto


Phys. Rev. D 97, 043518 (2018).


  • Parametrizing modified gravities with vector degrees of freedom: anisotropic growth and lensing

Miguel Aparicio Resco, Antonio L. Maroto.

JCAP, Volume 2018, October 2018.


  • Testing for gravitational preferred directions with galaxy and lensing surveys

Miguel Aparicio Resco, Antonio L. Maroto.


JCAP, Volume 2020, February 2020.


  • J-PAS: forecasts on dark energy and modified gravity theories

Miguel Aparicio Resco et al.


MNRAS 493, 3616 (2020).



Paula Arribas Fernández


  • P. Arribas, M.C. García-Payo, M. Khayet, L. Gil,

Improved antifouling performance of polyester thin film nanofiber composite membranes prepared by interfacial polymerization,

Journal of Membrane Science, 598 (2020) 117774.

  • P. Arribas, M.C. García-Payo, M. Khayet, L. Gil,

Heat-treated optimized polysulfone electrospun nanofibrous membranes for high performance wastewater microfiltration, Separation and Purification Technology, 226 (2019) 323-336.

  • C. A. Amadei, P. Arribas, C. D. Vecitis, Graphene oxide standardization and classification: Methods to support the leap from lab to industry,

Carbon 133 (2018) 398-409.

  • Q. Zhang, P. Arribas, M.R. Remillard, M.C. García-Payo, M. Khayet, C.D. Vecitis,

Interlaced CNT electrodes for bacterial fouling reduction of microporous membranes,

Environmental Science and Technology 51 (2017) 9176-9183.

  • P. Arribas, M. Khayet, M.C. García-Payo, L. Gil,

Self-sustained electro-spun polysulfone nano-fibrous membranes and their surface modification by interfacial polymerization for micro- and ultra-filtration,

Separation and Purification Technology 138 (2014) 118-129.


Jaime Benito García

  • J. Benito et al 

Detailed spectroscopy of doubly magic 132Sn.

Phys. Rev. C, 102:014328, 2020.

  • Mihai, E. Nácher, A. Negret, B. Olaizola, R. D. Page, S. Paulaskalas, S. Pascu, A. Perea, Pucknell, P. Rahkila, E. Rapisarda, J.-M. Régis, F. Rotaru, S. Rothe, V. Sánchez- Tembleque, G. Simpson, Ch. Sotty, L. Stan, M. Stanoiu, M. Stryjczyk, O. Tengblad, A. Turturica, J. M. Udías, P. Van Duppen, V. Vedia, A. Villa, S. Viñals, R. Wadsworth, B. Walters, N. Warr. _

decay of 133In: emission from neutron-unbound states in 133Sn.

Phys. Rev. C, 99:024304, 2019.

  • B. Olaizola, H. Mach, L. M. Fraile, J. Benito, M. J. G. Borge, et al. 

High-sensitivity study of levels in 30Al following _ decay of 30Mg.

Phys. Rev. C, 94:054318, (2016).

  • R. Lica, G. Benzoni, A. I. Morales, M. J. G. Borge, L. M. Fraile, H. Mach, M. Madurga, et al.

Warr. _ decay studies of n-rich Cs isotopes with the ISOLDE Decay Station.

Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics, 44:054002, (2017)..

  • R. Lica, G. Benzoni, T. R. Rodríguez, M. J. G. Borge, et al.

 N.Warr. Evolution of deformation in neutron-rich Ba isotopes up to A = 150. Phys. Rev. C, 97:024305, 2018.

  • L.M. Fraile, V. Sánchez-Tembleque, J. Benito, M. García-Díez, J.M. Udías, V. Vedia.

Advanced scintillators for fast-timing applications.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 463:394-397, 2020.


Leticia Botazzi

  • Leticia Bottazzi and Carlos Armenta-Déu (2020),

Variation of Thermal Conductivity with Porosity,

Journal of Geotechnical Engineering. Vol.7, Issue 1, p.47-58

  • Carlos Armenta-Déu and Leticia Bottazzi (2020)

Thermal and Thermoelectric Generation  using Geothermal Energy extraction through generation system,

Journal of Alternate Energy Sources and Technologies, Vol. 11, Issue 1, p.58-71

  • Leticia Bottazzi and Carlos Armenta-Déu (2020)

Modeling and simulation of a Thermal and Thermoelectric Generation System in Geothermal Installations,

Journal of Thermal Engineering and Applications, Vol. 7, Issue 1, p.40-49

  • Leticia Bottazzi and Carlos Armenta-Déu (2020)

Modeling Cogeneration System in Shallow Geothermal Installations,

International Journal of Analog Integrated Circuits, Vol. 6, Issue 1, p.41-52

  • Leticia Bottazzi and Carlos Armenta-Déu (2020)

Symmetry and Asymmetry Model for Thermal Conductivity in Porous Media,

Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, Vol. 11, Issue 2

  • Carlos Armenta-Déu and Leticia Bottazzi (2020)

Modeling and Simulation of a Combined System Geothermal Binary Plant and Parabolic Solar Concentrator,

International Journal of Renewable Energy Technology (pending of publishing)


Roberto Cabieces Díaz


  • Cabieces, R., Buforn, E., Cesca, S. y Pazos, A. (2020).

Focal Parameters of Earthquakes Offshore Cape St. Vincent Using an Amphibious Network. Pure Appl. Geophys, 177(4), 1761-1780.

  • Cabieces, R., Krüger, F., Garcia-Yeguas, A., Villaseñor, A., Buforn, E., Pazos, A., Olivar-Castaño, A., y Barco, J. (2020).

Slowness vector estimation over large-aperture sparse arrays with the Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT): Application to Ocean Bottom Seismometers.

Geophys. J. Int., 223(3), 1919-1934.


  • Cabieces, R., Olivar-Castaño, A., Correira, T and Relinque, J (2021)

Integrated Seismic Program: A new Python Toolbox for Earthquake Seismology. SRL 


Pedro Calvo Portela

  • Calvo, A. Adelmann, A. Gsell et al.,

Beam stripping interactions implemented in cyclotrons with OPAL simulation code,

Proceedings of the 22th International

Conference on Cyclotrons and their Applications (CYC 2019), Cape Town, South Africa, pp. 110{113 (2019)

  • Adelmann, P. Calvo, M. Frey et al.,

OPAL a versatile tool for charged particle accelerator simulations, arXiv:1905.06654 [physics.acc-ph] (2019)

  • Obradors, P. Calvo, C. Oliver et al.,

Characterization of the AMIT internal ion source with a devoted DC extraction test bench,

Proceedings of the 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC 2017), Copenhagen, Denmark, pp. 1740{1742 (2017)

  • Varela, P. Calvo, C. Oliver et al., Beam diagnostics design for a compact super-conducting cyclotron for radioisotope production,

Proceedings of the 5th International Beam Instrumentation Conference (IBIC 2016), Barcelona, Spain, pp. 108{110(2016)


Ober Van Gomez Lopez

  • van Gómez López O, García Vicente AM, Honguero Martínez AF, Soriano Castrejón AM, Jiménez Londoño GA, Udias JM, León Atance P.

Heterogeneity in [18F] Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography / Computed Tomography of Non–Small Cell Lung Carcinoma and Its Relationship to Metabolic Parameters and Pathologic Staging. 

Molecular Imaging. 2014; Volume: 13 issue: 9.  (Factor Impacto: 2.763) PMID: 25248853  DOI:

  • Ober van Gómez López, Ana María García Vicente, Antonio Francisco Honguero Martínez, Germán Andrés Jiménez Londoño, Carlos Hugo Vega Caicedo, Pablo León Atance, Ángel María Soriano Castrejón. 

18F-FDG-PET/CT in the assessment of pulmonary solitary nodules: comparison of different analysis methods and risk variables in the prediction of malignancy.

Translational Lung Cancer Research 2015;4(3):228-235. (Factor Impacto 4.806) PMID: 26207210   doi: 10.3978/j.issn.2218-6751.2015.05.0


Fernado Jaume Santero