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El Habib Louai

      Audio Podcasts of El Habib Louai"s Poems

El Habib Louai is a young Moroccan poet and musician. With a his B.A (2007) in English literature and linguistics from the University Of Ibn Zohr in Agadir,  Morocco,  El Habib has published on various online magazines ad journals such as Indigo Rising Magazine, troubadour21, Eunoia Review, Danse Macabre du Jour, Palestine Chronicle, Istanbul Literary Review, Sagarana and Camel Saloon. He translated and edited an Anthology of contemporary Moroccan Poetry, recently published in Big Bridge Magazine. He is at the moment translating poetry by both Michael Rothenberg and Allen Ginsberg into Arabic for publication. His poems deal with love, existence and nature. Some may be read in the following magazines and journals: Indigo Rising Magazine, MasspoemBig Bridge MagazinePirene’s Fountain, Danse Macabre du JourContemporary Literary Review India Nov, 2012, p. 47, Palestine Chronicle, Troubadour 2, Xenophile: A Journal of Comparative Literature,  Contemporary Literary Review India August 2012, p.20   In the summer of 2013 he visited the US offering a number of public readings.

He has also published at the African Journal of History and Culture  and some critical works such as  Unveiling a New-Orientalist Discourse in Azar Nafisi’s Reading Lolita in Tehran and Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns  Xenophile Journal 1. Franklin College   and   Key Concepts in the Writings of Ibn Arabi and Hans-Georg Gadamer

El Habib translated a collection of poems by Ali Abdolrezaei from English into Arabic and is currently translating the poetry of Allen Ginsberg and other U.S. poets into Arabic and working for his phD.


El Habib Lousai and the New Beat Band at the V Semana Complutense de las Letras 2015


Con motivo de la V Semana Complutense de las Letras, Nina Vasile en colaboración con Editorial Amargord abre un diálogo sobre poesía rumana contemporánea dentro del Espacio Europeo. Participan los poetas Gelu Vlaşin, Gabi Nan, Marius Gârniţă, Marin Dumitrescu y Nichita Stănescu, y los músicos Cristina Vlasin (voz), Bruno Marin (violin), y Nicolae Petriman (taragot). Algunos poemas y fotos del evento pueden verse aquí.   El vídeo está visible aquí

As part of the V Semana Complutense de las Letras, Nina Vasile, in collaboration with Editorial Amargord, opens a dialogue on Romanian Poetry within the European Space, with the poets Gelu Vlaşin, Gabi Nan, Marius Gârniţă, Marin Dumitrescu y Nichita Stănescu, and the musicians Cristina Vlasin (voice), Bruno Marin (violin), and Nicolae Petriman (taragot). Some poems and photos of the event can be seen here.    The video is visible here


Anjan Sen

Anjan Sen

 Audio Podcasts of Anjan Sen Poems

Anjan Sen is a well-known poet from  Bengal (India). National Tagore Scholar in 2013

A selection of his best known visual poems (blingual Bengali/English)  can be found here and some more collections here.

His CV with a list of collections of essays can be downloaded here  Some of his paintings can be viewed here

An essay on his poetry and the UttarAdhunik School of Poetry can be read here

Some of his books can be viewed below and his complete CV can be viewed here

             MythSahityaSanskriti / MythLiteratureCulture

  Memories: Ganesh Pyne    

  Collections of Poems by Anjan Sen  Essays on Indian and Bengali Literature and Culture presented at the II Semana Complutense de las Letras