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Anjan Sen Poems

Anjan Sen

Anjan Sen is a famous poet from  Bengal (India)

National Tagore Scholar in 2013

This page offers a selection of his best known visual poems.

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And on it flows

Standing rock- deep in the holy river, the hibiscus sky

Where hast thou come, O river

The flowing looks at the destroyer, in mountains

When the fire of the skies cool, water

Drenches the soil and soothes the eyes

Life flows on through the rain,

And men discuss it as hope

And sing its praises

Call the river their mother,

Sing hymns

In their primal, magical belief

Sky rain mountain river water


(Translation: Amlan Dasgupta; Collected in Goudbochon Kothon Bisswa,1993)

From the Kalpa began imagination

From the leaves of the Meghduta, a grey cloud

Floated down in front of us.

The Kalpadruma shuddered

Gold Silver dust kept falling

Diamonds coals mud kept falling

The eyelid flickered

One bird is flying become Bihag

A woodcutter was gathering wood from Kalpadruma

(Translation by Amlan Dasgupta)
Kalpa = endless time, fulfilment of desire, creation & destruction.
Kalpadruma= kalpa-tree    Bihag = Indian evening
Melody (raga), Meghaduta-Kalidasa's Sanskrit epic   

Sahaja Kamal. Poem by Anjan Sen and Illustration by Baharul Islam Laskar
Sahaja Kamal. Poem by Anjan Sen and Illustration by Baharul Islam Laskar