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SIIM-InterCrea Hub: Innovation, Ideas, Creativity, Social Impact

Projects in SIIM InterCrea Hub develop the notion of storytelling as a social (grassroots) organizational strategy in diverse areas, finding ways to encourage impact in the creative industries, entrepreneurship programs, enterprises and public and private institutions. These projects are annually funded by programs of teaching innovation and of social cooperation.  The general objectve is students' active participation in social sectors, bridging the academic life of the university with outreach activities that have the purpose of maximizing the impact and transference of theoretical resarch  to all social sectors. Workshops, readings, and other activities are organized (both in English and Spanish) and performed in diverse locations, including city streets, local libraries and other public settings. Activities are organized every year for la Semana de las Ciencias y la Semana de las Letras, among them  "World Englishes" (2013)    "Once Upon a Mashup" (2014)  "De William Burroughs a la literatura electrónica" (2014) "Lecturas entrecruzadas" (2015)   "Poétas y Músicos Rumanos" (2015)   Some of the activities in InterCreaHub are in close relation to  cooperation activities, events of social integration, gender issues, and visibilization of marginalized social sectors. This section includes activities such as Woman's Day/ Día de la Mujer (2015)  or reflections on Racism through a public reading of Frederick Douglas  "What is the 4th of July to the slave?" (2021) which took place at Asociación Vecinal La Incolora.

Estudios de Género

Semana de Estudios de Género 2024  

Semana de la Ciencia

Creative Writing

The secrets of Creative Writing/Los secretos de la escritura creativa

Protagonismo y Autoría en la Ficción Interactiva   (por Pablo Gervás)

Los Malos del Cuento  (por Espido Freire)