Master's Degrees


The Internships are part of the academic curriculum of the PC21 Master and will be the beginning of research in the management of Cultural Heritage and contact with the professional sector.

The main objective of these practices is for students to study and assess the model, activities or strategies of Cultural Heritage Management that the company or institution uses and that it proposes, where appropriate, alternatives for improvement.

At present, UCM and UPM have about 20,000 agreements, most of them within the framework of the Community of Madrid, which include from City Halls or Ministry of Culture and Sports, to companies and foundations, NGOs and museums of different ownership. There are also agreements with entities outside the Community of Madrid and also in the international arena.

Our students have been able to learn and work for organizations as important in the field of heritage as the Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España (IPCE) [Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain], the Instituto Andaluz del Patrimonio Histórico (IAPH) [Andalusian Institute of Historical Heritage], Museo de Artes Decorativas [Museum of Decorative Arts], Madrid City Council, Museo Arqueológico Provincial de Alicante [Provincial Archaeological Museum of Alicante], Patrimonio Nacional [National Heritage], Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte [Ministry of Culture and Sports]; associations and foundations such as Hispania Nostra or CNE-ICOMOS; and private companies like Labrit Patrimonio.

Students taking external internships must complete 375 hours (15 ECTS credits) of activity in the centers.

To know more information it is recommended to read the file of the subject Prácticas Externas (Spanish) available in the Plan de Estudios or the extended information of the main page.