Master's Degrees

Facilities and Material Means

Classrooms and Facilities

The PC21 Master has a modern classroom located in Building D of the Faculty of Philology (UCM). For some subjects, it also has a classroom at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM-UPM). In addition, classrooms and work spaces are available in other centers according to the needs of the different subjects.

The students of the PC21 Master have available the computer classrooms, study and work spaces, and other services located in any of the UCM faculties or UPM schools, in addition to other appropriate spaces for the celebration of scientific and academic events (function rooms, panels and places of exhibition of works, etc.) Likewise, theoretical and practical activities are also carried out in other entities.

UCM and UPM libraries

The Complutense University Library (BUC), the largest Spanish university library, is a support service for learning, teaching, research and other activities related to the institutional objectives of the University. It has an important bibliographic and documentary collection that reaches 3.000.000 copies, together with various electronic resources and more than 11.000 manuscripts from all periods.

You will have Reading and Study Rooms, as well as group work and relaxation spaces in all our UCM centers.

The University Library of the Technical University has the mission of facilitating the conservation, access and dissemination of information and documentation resources, and collaborating in the processes of knowledge creation, in order to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the University.

Currently, the UPM Library has 17 service points, each in a School or Faculty, and the European Documentation Center, CEYDE. The physical space is organized on different campuses from which the university community (students, professors, researchers and administration and services staff) is equally served and society.

UCM and UPM Museums

The Complutense University of Madrid has an important Historical Heritage collected in museums and collections of a historical, artistic, scientific or technical nature, gathered throughout its long history and dispersed by multiple centers.

The Polytechnic University of Madrid has 20 museums and university collections that are located in different centers of the University forming an important sample of its historical, cultural, scientific and technological heritage.

Most of them belong to the Information Network of Museums and Centers of Science and Technology of the Community of Madrid that intends to coordinate actions of dissemination and revitalization of scientific heritage, as well as training and production of events aimed at all types of citizens.

Virtual Campus

The UCM Virtual Campus (CV-UCM) extends the services and functions of the university campus through information and communication technologies. The CV-UCM is a set of spaces and tools on the Internet that support learning, teaching, research and teaching management, and are permanently available to all members of the university community.


Students enrolled by the UCM can access the internet services in all Complutense facilities through the Wi-Fi network of the UCM, identifying themselves with their email

Similarly, students enrolled by the UPM can access internet services in all polytechnic facilities through the UPM Wi-Fi network, identifying themselves with their email

Wi-Fi internet service is available through Eduroam.