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Master's Degrees

Admission and enrolment

Specific MA entry requirements

Aimed at graduates with a BA in Art History, Fine Art, Architecture, Humanities, Audiovisual Communication, Sociology and other related degrees.  

In selecting candidates, the MA’s Coordinating Committee will assess the following requirements:

  1. The candidate’s suitability to the objectives and content of the programme, bearing in mind the interests, professional background and training stated on their CV and in relation to the lines and fields in the MA: up to 5 points.
  2. Students’ academic record in their bachelor’s degree, with a particular focus on grades and work in relation to the content of study plans: up to 4 points.
  3. A cover letter and individual interview to be conducted as part of the selection process: up to 4 points.
  4. Assessment of achievements outlined in CVs: up to 6 points
    • Knowledge of foreign languages (certified from an official organisation): up to 1.5 points. 

    • Professional experience, residencies and internships in areas related to the MA: up to 1.5 points.
    • Research experience and scientific publications: up to 1.5 points

    • Grants or fellowships and academic stays in prestigious centres: up to 1.5 points.


Number of places offered by UCM each academic year: 20

Total number of places offered each academic year: (UCM and UAM): 40