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Master's Degrees

Mobility Programmes

Partnership or collaboration agreements and support programmes for student exchanges and mobility

The Complutense University of Madrid has its own on-site partnership programmes for the mobility of lecturers and students alike with universities around the world, and in which students from the Faculty of Geography and History can participate with regard to taking courses and conducting academic or research activities.

Student mobility and exchanges are focused on the SICUE (the System for Exchanges Between Spanish Universities) programmes in Spain and the ERASMUS programme on a Europe-wide level.   

The management and coordination of mobility programmes and extra-curricular internships falls under the responsibility of the Vice Deanship of International, Institutional and Student Relations and the Mobility Office of the Faculty of Geography and History, with the support of the MA’s Coordinating Team. 

All information related to procedures, agreements with public or private universities/institutions, places offered, and application procedures is published (in Spanish) on the website of the Faculty of Geography and History on International and Mobility Relations.

Furthermore, students can carry out extra-curricular Internships in public or private institutions in line with the MA programme in which they are enrolled. These extra-curricular Internships are managed and monitored by the UCM’s Office of Internships and Employment (OPE).    


UCM’s entry requirements for Erasmus+ students and students from International Agreements related to the MA in Contemporary Art History and Visual Culture

  • There must be an agreement between the university and/or school of origin and the UCM’s Faculty of Geography and History.
  • A maximum of two (2) Erasmus+ students or students from International Agreements enrolled at UCM will be allowed per academic year.  
  • Students will be interviewed individually to gain an idea of their interests and to evaluate their suitability, in addition to their knowledge of the language. The interview is an essential requirement and may be selective. 
  • Students may enrol in a maximum of three (optional) courses among those offered on the main course, all of which will be taught in the same semester. 
  • Given these specific Internships are annual, students will not be able to enrol on the following courses: Art Theory and Criticism and Museum Management.
  • Attendance in classes for subjects students are enrolled in is compulsory. Moreover, students will be invited and may attend, voluntarily, seminars and other activities organised by the Coordinators or by the Museo Reina Sofía’s Study Centre throughout the year.