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Admission and enrolment

Call for Admission to official studies of PhD in English Linguistics. 

Academic year 2023-24

Regular application period

Early application period (see website)

15 June - 15 September

15 March - 12 May


Number of Available Places (12)

7 full-time; 5 part-time

Announcement of admitted candidates

16 October (regular period) / 26 May (early application)

Admission | Doctoral School (ucm.es)

Information and orientation procedures for registered students
For administrative guidance:
  • Link to Admission
  • Doctoral School:  escueladoctorado@ucm.es. Phone numbers: 913 941390 - 913 941395 - 913 941408
  • Philology Student Office:  dsaff@ucm.es;  secre.alumnos@filol.ucm.es   Números de teléfono: 913 945345 - 913 945299 - 913 945344
  • Vice-Dean of Studies and Quality (link)
  • Vice-Dean of Students (link)
For academic matters about the Programme:  d9ay@ucm.es
The students that are admitted and wish to register in the Programme can equally contact their assigned supervisors upon admission.
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Proof of admission
Applicants who need written proof of pre-admission to the programme for justified reasons (scholarship, predoc contracts, etc.) must apply for it during the special call that opens around March (https://edoctorado.ucm.es/plazos). Once the selection process is completed, applicants will receive a document certifying their admission. For other cases (visas, etc.), the Coordinator will sign and send the following letter to Escuela de Doctorado, provided the applicant meets the  access requirements to the Programme.

General Requirements:

As described in Doctoral School

Specific Requirements of the Programme

Please, check that you've fulfilled all application requirements as described in the UCM application app. Please, be advised that the PhD in English Linguistics UCM Programme unambiguously requires that candidates should submit a short dissertation proposal or a motivation letter.

The programme also invites candidates to get in touch with one or several of the Faculty members during the application period (https://www.ucm.es/doctorado/doctorado-linguistica-inglesa/phd-web-community or through the Programme coordinator d9ay@ucm.es). If a conditioned supervision agreement is reached between a candidate and a supervisor, please submit a word or pdf document to the official app. Remember that any previous agreement between candidates and supervisors is subject to official regulations. 

Please check the Programme webpage, specially the information related to access and selection criteria, and to thesis proposal and letter of motivation

Enrolment UCM

Doctoral School (link)

As for fees