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Measurement, adaptation and improvement of the environmental capital of companies in order to make them more environmentally sustainable and at the same time make it possible to obtain competitive advantages through a more efficient use of their resources, the promotion of environmental innovation and the appropriate management of their environmental reputation.

La empresa y el medio ambiente natural

Organizations and Natural Environment

How does it work

Starting with the analysis of the company from different perspectives (orientation and values, competitive environment and stakeholders), we will proceed to the subsequent valuation of its environmental capital through a series of indicators already empirically contrasted by the team in various investigations. This assessment will allow us to formulate the most appropriate environmental strategies in each case, adapting them to the different industries and the different environmental challenges they pose. To do so, we will use different tools already tested and used by the team throughout its trajectory, such as life cycle analysis, the sustainable balanced scorecard, environmental management systems and environmental reputation measurement models.

Análisis del ciclo de vida

Lifecycle Analysis


Companies will not only manage their current resources more efficiently (thus reducing costs), but will also position themselves competitively in the face of current and future environmental challenges (resource scarcity, changing customer environmental preferences, restrictive environmental regulations, etc.). With the advice of a research group with extensive experience in the field of corporate environmental management.

Piensa en verde

Think Green

Where has it been developed?

The research group was founded in 2000 with the creation of the Euroforum Chair on Knowledge Management, Innovation and Technology, sponsored by the Euroforum-Escorial University Institute, belonging to the Complutense University of Madrid, directed by Prof. José Emilio Navas López.

In 2005, the group was officially recognized by the Complutense University of Madrid within its Program of Research Groups of Excellence with the title "Strategic Management of the Company: Knowledge, Innovation and Natural Environment", with reference number 940785, which continues to operate today.

This research group belongs to the Department of Business Administration and Marketing of the Faculty of Economics and Business Science of the Complutense University of Madrid, and is composed of Professors José Emilio Navas López (Full Professor), Gregorio Martín de Castro (Full Professor), Pedro López Sáez (Associated Professor), Javier Amores Salvadó (Associated Professor), Miriam Delgado Verde (Associated Professor) and Jorge Cruz González (Associated Professor).

And also

Likewise, the consolidated Research Group Strategic Management of the Company: Knowledge, Innovation and Natural Environment not only stands out in the research field, but its members also come from the business world and have extensive experience in national and international companies, which gives it a vision very close to the business reality combining practical experience and solid theoretical foundations.



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