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Documentation and research center on epigraphy of the Iberian Peninsula (Latin, Greek and Pre-Roman) up to, and including, the Visigothic period, as well as epigraphy of Arab, Hebrew and Latin Spain until the 16th century. Elaboration of epigraphic databases, manuscripts with epigraphic transmission and bibliographies. It consists of a highly specialized library and documentation about 27,000 registrations approximately. The Center publishes the journal HISPANIA EPIGRAPHICA, of the Complutense University. Twenty numbers have been published in its first stage, culminating in two volumes of general indexes. In the second stage, Hispania Epigraphica 2014-15 is in press and Hispania Epigraphica 2016-2017 is in preparation.

How does it work

Form of the Database of the Epigraphic Archive of Hispania AEHTAM. It corresponds to a monumental inscription of Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville).

Form of the Database of the Epigraphic Archive of Hispania AEHTAM. It corresponds to a monumental inscription of Alcalá de Guadaira (Seville).

It is a center open to the public to consult and perform various works on Hispanic epigraphy and other areas related to it.

The fundamental work of the HISPANIC EPIGRAPHIC ARCHIVE consists of the elaboration of epigraphic databases with incorporated images and fundamental information and in permanent update of inscriptions (see for example the model of the card presented above, belonging to the database AEHTAM), already available. A new Data Bank, EPIARQ, is being developed in accordance with the INSPIRE European directives, OGC standards and ISO 19100 standards, which will be freely accessible within a few months. The Epigraphic Archive of Hispania prepares and publishes the Periodic Series HISPANIA EPIGRAPHICA, which consists of a Drafting Team and a Technical Team, as well as an International Advisory Committee.

The Epigraphic Archive is the site of several research projects in which it participates.


Cover page of the "Epigraphic Archive of Hispania". Click on the image to access to this page.

Cover page of the "Epigraphic Archive of Hispania". Click on the image to access to this page.

The Center has the advantage of having a wealth of information on Latin and Greek epigraphy and in the paleo-Hispanic languages of the Iberian Peninsula, from the first written testimonies to the Visigothic period included. It is currently expanding his funds to medieval Latin epigraphy, through current research projects. It has an excellent specialized library, not only monographs and books, but thousands of articles in separatist, and with the possibility of accessing its funds without limitations. It maintains an emptying of hundreds of publications, sometimes of difficult access, processing all the bibliographical information that is available on each inscription, as well as an important photographic archive of free consultation. It also maintains the exchange of journals with a large number of national and international publications which can also be consulted.


Where has it been developed

HISPANIC EPIGRAPHIC ARCHIVE is located in the Faculty of Geography and History of the Universidad Complutense, on the 3rd floor, where the activities are developed. It is open to the public daily, although it is recommended to request an appointment and consult schedules for people outside the UCM. It is attended by a Technical Team that constantly updates the Archive, collects the necessary information, keeps up-to-date information on everything that is published about Hispanic epigraphy, emptying and preparing files not only from monographs, catalogs and books in general, but also from hundreds of international, national and local journals, series and publications that may contain related information. It also develops epigraphic and bibliographic databases that can be consulted in the medium term.

This same team makes the journal HISPANIA EPIGRAPHICA and prepares the material for the Editorial Board of the journal.

More information: web of the research group. 

And also

As a consultation center open to the public offers the following services:

  • Reading posts.
  • Direct consultation of the manual archives of epigraphic documentation and the library, free access or by request.
  • Advice on materials and epigraphic texts.
  • Accomplishment and attention of external and / or regulated practices of Doctorate, Degree and Masters courses.
  • Preparation of information dossiers, upon request and payment agreed upon.
  • Copying pictures.
  • Photocopying service of the documentation (without limit, except those provided by law).
  • Organization of specialized courses.

For more information, visit the website of the series Hispania Epigraphica.






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