Grupos de investigación


INtensificación de PROcesos de interés QUImico y MedioAmbiental

(ref. 921544


The INPROQUIMA group, at Chemical Engineering Department of Universidad Complutense de Madrid focuses its activities towards sustainable development research. INPROQUIMA researching lines are related to industrial and environmental processes, in order to improve the quality of products, the energy balance, the process safety and environmental concerns. The group"s evolution is strongly linked to the demand for knowledge in processes of industrial or environmental interest, maintaining the group collaborations with different companies.

The current lines of research funded are: 

  • Soil and Water Remediation by In Situ Chemical Oxidation and Reduction processes.
  • Water Treatment by Advanced Oxidation Processes.
  • Purification of Cyclohexanone in Caprolactam Production.
  • Etherification of Glycerol to obtain additives.