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  • ICEI Conference: Next ICEI Seminar, with John Cantwell

Found on Cuadernos de Antropología Social, this paper tries to understand which is the role of the woman on the virtual communities created over the donation for reproductive purposes. They also discuss some hypothesis on the Spanish context about the consumers of the assisted reproduction.

  • ICEI Conference: 2nd European Forum

On Monday, October 23, the second session of the ICEI's European Forum was celebrated, after the initial conference by professor Sosvilla. Miguel Sebastián presented "18 años del euro en España: un balance macroeconómico". After showing the results, an open discussion started, where different experts gave their opinion during that timelapse.

ALTEC 2017, held at Ciudad de México from 16th to 18th of October, counted with the participation of ICEI's director, Isabel Álvarez, on the specialists' track on dialogues por Sciences, Technologies and Innovation policies in Latin America.

Complutense University of Madrid invites to send the abstracts from the papers to be presented in the conference "The European Union and security: defence of common interests and spaces". It means the last activity from Jean Monnet's project. Abstracts can be sent to

ICEI's Appointed Researcher José Antonio Sanahuja presented "Legitimidad securitaria para un actor en crisis: la nueva Estrategia Global y de Seguridad de la Unión Europea" during the conference organised by the Catalan International Institute for Research for Peace (in Spanish, ICIP), held in Barcelona, last October 9-10.

Held last October, 9, ICEI participated in the meeting of "Science and Technology Area Coordinators for Development" (in Spanish, CYTED), along with different institutions representing the Portugese Ministry of Science and Technology. Isabel Álvarez made a report about the dialogue web between the communities in matters of Science, Technology and Innovation policies.

Published by Science and Public Policy, Oxford Academy, the paper was writen by ICEI's associated researchers Isabel Álvarez, Myrna Juan and Celia Torrecillas. They explore the concepts specificity and pervasiveness as analytical atributes highlighted by policies in science, technology and innovation.

Next week, from September 25th to 27th, VII Conferencia Internacional RIBEI: América Latina y Europa will be held in Nuevos Aires. Through every session the role of Latin America in the current globalised world will be discused. The event will count with the participation of ICEI's associated researchers Isabel Álvarez and José Antonio Sanahuja.

Alejandro Jacobo, ICEI's visiting researcher, has published along with Ileana R Jalile this paper about the impact of sovereign debt in GDP, throughout 16 Latin American Economies. The results show a positive effect on the short run, which turns to 0 when debt gets to a certain level.

The paper, published by Fiscal Studies journal, and worked by ICEI researcher A. Jesús Sánchez with Salvador Barrios and Gaëtan Nicodème, tackles the effects of the Effective Marginal Tax Rates (EMTRs). The study compiles data from 17 OECD countries, and 11 manufacturing sectors, taking into account the grade of sustitution, and the role of company mark-ups.

Published by MDPI, authors Kepa Solaun and Emilio Cerdá (ICEI) write about the negative efects made by climate change on the energetic sector of several countries, becoming a threat in the long run. The study focuses on three hydroelectrical plants on Southern Spain, and it is predicted that productivity will suffer a drop of between 10 and 49%.

Prof. José Antonio Sanahuja, ICEI's associated researcher, has intervened in the round table Democracia, posverdad y populismo: un reto para la Unión Europea, held by Summer Green University and organised by Fundación Equo and Green European Foundation (GEF). More than 250 people attended the ninth edition of the event, with democracy and crisis in the EU as a background. Other workshops and conferences were also held. 

  • Conference: Quo Vadis Europa? Conducted by Josep Borrell

Seminar Quo Vadis Europa? V 60 años después de Roma, el Futuro del sueño europeo was held by Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP), in Santander, Spain. From August 28th to September 1st, a space destined to debate gender equality ideas in EU was included. Marta Pajarín, associated researcher associated to the ICEI's Gender area, made a presentation where gender equality as one of the EU's foundation values were emphasised.

  • PublicationHeterogeneity in the debt-growth nexus: Evidence from EMU countries, by Simón Sosvilla and Marta Gómez-Puig

This paper, published by International Review of Economics and Finance (vol. 51, 2017), looks for evidence whether changes in debt makes negative effects in European Monetary Union countries. Period 1961-2016 has been analyzed, and different outputs for central and periferical countries have been taken. The article was presented by Sosvilla in ICEI's European Forum

  • BookSeguridad Multidimensional y cooperación regional, nuevos espacios para Iberoamérica, by Alberto Castillo y David González

As one of the chapters from Escenarios de inseguridad en América Latina y los retos actuales de Colombia, the authours analyze cooperation suggestions in Latin America by its regionalization, which is currently one of the main points in multidimensional security to face the new threats, empowering the Iberoamerica's conception of a normative power.

  • ICEI conference: Inauguration of European Forum-ICEI

Last September, 11th, was held in ICEI's offices the first session of the European Forum-ICEI. This seminar was launched as an idea last May 9th (Europe Day) as a space where succesful debates would be held, taking in mind also the educational spirit. Prof. Simón Sosvilla opened the session with the presentation Deuda y crecimiento en la zona euro, followed by an open debate between the attendees.

  • Conference: Researcher Javier Ramos, reward to best presented paper in EGOSE.

Javier Ramos, associated researcher in ICEI's Governance, Public Policies and Democracy area, has received the prize to the best paper in the Electronic Governance and Open Society: Challenges in Eurasia (EGOSE), held in St. Petersbourg. The paper, ICTs and democratic deficit in the EU: how VAA can help improve the democratization of Eu intitutions and practices, is based in the joint work by Javier Ramos, Javier Padilla and Enrique Chueca.

From Companies and International Markets area, researchers Nadia Albis and Isabel Álvarez have published in journal Globalización, Competitividad y Gobernabilidad (GCG) a paper where innovative factors of foreign subidiares in Colombia are analyzed, facing national industries, in the manufacturing sector.

  • BookGénero y desarrollo: cuestiones clave desde una perspectiva feminista, coordinated by Marta Carballo de la Riva
  • PhD. ThesisLos modelos de organización productiva y sus efectos en las condiciones laborales, by Mª Eugenia Ruiz

Researcher Mª Eugenia Ruiz Gálvez, associated to Structure and European Dynamics area, has presented Los modelos de organización productiva y sus efectos en las condiciones labroales. El caso de Volkswagen Navarra y su entorno productivo, 2000 -2015

  • Conference: Mathematical Modelling in Engineering & Human Behaviour 2017

The Multidisciplinar Mathematics Universitary Institute, placed in Innovation's City of Valencia, has organised this conference from July's 17th to 19th. The paper Optimal pricin from shopping time distributions, written by Francisco Álvarez, José-Manuel rey and Raúl G.Sanchís has been presented.

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  • Conference: 19th Annual Conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics

Researcher Ignacio Álvarez, from Structure and European Dynamics area, has represented ICEI in University of Manchester's conference past July 12th. He presented The role of collective bargaining in promoting inclusive growth, where different action lines are presented to reduce inequalities in salaries between countries.

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  • Conference: ICEI takes part on "4º Congreso Latinoamericano y Caribeño de Ciencias Sociales"

ICEI, thanks to its International Relations, Global Governance and Research Cooperation area, has been part in the "IV congreso FLACSO" held in Salamanca from June 17th to 19th.

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Raúl G. Sanchís has been part of the I Meetings of the Society of the Economics of the Household, held in San Diego, Californa, last June 25th and 26th. The paper Lifestyle Dynamics Index: time use methodology and worldwide results and has been acomplished as SEHO Board Member.

By Prof. José Antonio Sanahuja

  • Event: "Desayunos de mujeres líderes en la Universidad Complutense" by ICEI and UCM's Social Counsil

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This participation will be made by Francisco J.Verdes-Montenegro, from International Relations, Global Governance and Development Cooperation area.

  • Book launch presentationCiencia, Tecnología, Innovación y Desarrollo. El pensamiento latinoamericano, Fondo de Cultura Económica

Intervention made by Javier Jasso, from National Autonomous Mexico University. June 5th, 11:00. ICEI's Assembly Hall.

  • SICEIViolencia y vulnerabilidad de las poblaciones migrantes en México. La respuesta de la sociedad civil organizada

Research ICEI's seminar. May 18th, by Javier Urbano (Ibero American University)

  • Publication: Monograph América Latina: De la bonanza a la crisis de la globalización, journal Revista Pensamiento Propio-CRIES.

Coordinated by Prof. José Antonio Sanahuja, num 44.

  • Latinoamerican Complutense SchoolLa integración regional y el regionalismo en Europa y América Latina. ¿Crisis o cambio de ciclo?

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  • PublicationUna nueva ambición para superar la crisis existencial del proyecto europeo, by Josep Borrel

Published in colective book Europa: el futuro de un sueño, edited by European Parliament's Madrid delegation and reciently presented in the capital

  • Course: Brexit, by ICEI's European Forum

At 18:00 in UCM's Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business

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  • Book launch presentationGlobal Capitalism in Disarray. Inequality, debt and austerity. Talk with author Andrés Solimano

Book launch presentation of the book published by Oxford University Press (2016) and talk with its author. Introducing and conducting Josep Borrell. January 26th at 11, ICEI's Assembly Hall