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Since its establishment, the ICEI has advanced the Complutense University of Madrid´s international presence through its research, postgraduate programs, collaboration with other institutions to bring together specialist from various disciplines, and the fact that it has maintained continuous efforts to pursue scientific innovation and technological developments by young researchers. All of this has complemented the efforts to consolidate the institute´s internal structure, especially in the field of finance, as an essential prerequisite to ensure the continued development of projects and activities in the upcoming years.

Advanced and quality research remain a priority for the University, and, naturally, the ICEI has made remarkable programs and projects ranging from educational publications such as Claves de la Economía Mundial, to groundbreaking new economic research, social and labor relations, trends in scientific and technological innovation, and international cooperation. Many of these research projects have been established with a multiannual reach due to their scientific importance. The majority of these activities were made possible thanks to the support and funding from public institutions and private firms and with the collaboration of other top universities and research institutions.

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