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Activate your email account

Activation of the institutional e-mail for Erasmus+ students. Email address @ucm.es

As an Erasmus student at UCM you need the @ucm.es email address that gives you access to UCM's online academic and administrative services: registration, file consultation, virtual campus, WiFi...

In addition, the @ucm.es account provides you with a secure mailbox where you will receive all notifications and communications from the University, which will take effect from the moment you access its content. We advise you to check your email frequently.

To activate the ucm.es account you need an ERAS number and an activation code.

Activation Code: XXXXXXXX


Check the instructions here (PDF).


  • Use all characters of the Erasmus ID number, including "ERAS-".
  • Enter the codes without blanks between numbers, dashes or letters.
  • Remember your username (username@ucm.es) and password.
  • You will not receive an account confirmation email.
  • Please, wait 24 hours to access your UCM account.

If you forget your password you can change it in the same page of UCM account activation.

If you have any questions, you can send an email to erasmus1@ucm.es or visit the FAQs web page about students email account.