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Read attentively the Instructions for reviewers.
This form will be sent to Ediciones Complutense’s e-mail address gestion.ediciones@ucm.es. Any query or doubt concerning the original manuscript review report can be communicated via the same e-mail address.

Ediciones Complutense guarantees that all personal information will be treated with due confidentiality, maintaining the anonymity of reviewers throughout the entire process. Your observations will be sent to authors also anonymously.

General evaluation - Mandatory -
1. Originality, scientific interest, relevance to the topic and methodology - Mandatory -
2. Bibliography: up-to-date and pertinence - Mandatory -
3. Relevance of conclusions - Mandatory -
Expression and presentation
4. Structure and exposition clarity - Mandatory -
5. Conceptual rigour and internal coherence of the text - Mandatory -
Reviewer information
Terms and conditions - Mandatory -

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Additional information 

This may be consulted in further detail on our website: https://www.ucm.es/file/info-adic-servicio-publicaciones-eng

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