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Instructions for reviewers

After the corresponding anti-plagiarism analysis, the text of the work will be anonymised and submitted for review and reporting to two specialists of recognised standing in the field with no ties either to the institution to which the author belongs or Universidad Complutense, the Editorial Board of Ediciones Complutense and the Scientific Committee of the collection. In the event of a discrepancy, the opinion of a third reviewer will be taken into consideration.

The reviewers will be proposed by the Scientific Committee of the collection and they must return their reports within thirty working days.

The reviewers will review contributions according to a standard form and must issue an overall rating (Publishable/Publishable with corrections/Not publishable) based on the following aspects:

- Content: originality, scientific interest, relevance to the topic, methodology, conclusions and bibliography.

- Expression and presentation: structure and clarity of the text, conceptual rigour and internal consistency of the text.

The Scientific Committee of the collection will issue a reasoned ruling within thirty working days from reception of the reports from the reviewer(s) (publishable, publishable with corrections, not publishable), which it will pass to the Editorial Board of Ediciones Complutense alongside said reports. The latter will adopt a final decision within thirty working days. Signed by the Presidency of the Editorial Board of Ediciones Complutense, the ruling will be sent to the interested party by e-mail.

At the same time, when at least two reports are favourable (publishable / publishable with corrections), the considerations expressed by the external reviewer(s) for inclusion will be sent to the author anonymously.

The author will have a period of thirty working days to submit a report on the changes made and, if necessary, list those that have not been made alongside the reasons for not doing so. This document will be sent to the reviewers together with the final text of the work for review and approval within fifteen working days. Lastly, the Chair of the Collection will assume responsibility for ensuring that the observations formulated by the external reviewers are included in the work by the author.

Reviewers must refrain from reviewing a work in any of the following situations:

  • A direct relationship exists between an author and a reviewer.
  • Recent and significant professional collaboration exists between the author and the reviewer.
  • The reviewer is collaborating on the work sent to them.
  • The reviewer believes they cannot be objective, whether for personal reasons or an interest of a financial nature.

Ediciones Complutense guarantees that all information will be treated with the proper confidentiality, maintaining the anonymity of the reviewers throughout the entire process. Their comments will also be sent to the authors anonymously.

For further information, we recommend consulting the section on the original manuscript selection and review process and original manuscript selection diagram.