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Miguel Luque Talaván

Current Dean of the Faculty of Geography and History of the UCM, and professor in the Department of American and Medieval History and Historiographic Sciences. Previously, he was director of the Department of History 1 at the UCM and a senior research professor at the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo (Mexico). He is the author of numerous works on American history, anthropology and Indian law. On the Philippines and the Pacific, the books Fronteras en el mundo hispánico: Filipinas en el contexto de las regiones liminares novohispánicas (Córdoba -Spain-, University of Córdoba, 2011), which she coordinated with Marta María Manchado López; and 1898, España y el Pacíficointerpretación del pasado, realidad del presente (Madrid, Spanish Association for Pacific Studies, 1999), of which he was coordinator together with Juan José Pacheco Onrubia and Fernando Palanco. He is the director of the "Leoncio Cabrero Fernández” Studies on the Philippines and the Pacific Seminar. He was also a curator of exhibitions and director of courses and seminars. He is an official chronicler of the people of Extremadura, where he was born in: Cabezabellosa (Cáceres). He is also Vice President of the Spanish Association for Pacific Studies (AEEP); secretary of the Revista Española del Pacífico; Secretary General of the Association of Americanists and President of the Association of Friends of the National Museum of Anthropology.

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