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Roberto Cremades Andreu

Roberto Cremades Andreu

Full Professor of the Department of Language, Arts and Physical Education Teaching of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Senior Music Lecturer, Master's in Musical Education: a multidisciplinary perspective, and Doctorate from the Universidad de Granada with “Doctor Europeus” mention, undertaking his research work in the field of Musical Education, with a particular interest in analysing the social and psychological perspective of music, and teacher training in the European Higher Education Area, topics on which he has had various studies published by leading publishing houses (SPI) and journals (JCR and SJR). He is currently associate editor of the journal Bordón, Revista de Pedagogía and member of the scientific committee of the Publicaciones Journal of the Faculty of Education Humanities of Melilla, both indexed in Web of Science (ESCI) and Scopus-SJR.

He has undertaken funded research and teaching placements at universities in Colombia, Brazil, the United States, Portugal, Mexico and Spain. Lead researcher and team member on various research projects (Comenius, R&D+i, AECID, Art. 83) and educational innovation. As a speaker and communicator he has taken part in various national and international congresses, both in the field of Music Education and Quality Assessment in Higher Education and Research.

As a teacher he has received the UCM Docentia Programme Mention of Excellence in the assessment of teaching staff over the 2016-2019 period, a mention which he also obtained during his time as a lecturer at the Universidad de Granada in 2010. He has furthermore coordinated various books focused on teaching, including in particular two manuals dedicated to infant music education and another for the primary level, as part of the 'Didáctica y Desarrollo' collection of the publishing house Paraninfo.

At the administrative level, he currently holds the position of Vice-Dean for Research and Postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of Education, Teacher Training Centre, UCM, where he has served as academic secretary and director of the former Department of Musical and Bodily Expression.

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Francisco A. González Redondo

Francisco A. González Redondo

Graduate in Mathematical Sciences of the Universidad de Cantabria, with a University Specialist qualification in the History of Mathematics from the UCM, a Doctorate in Mathematics from the UPM and a Doctorate in the Philosophy of Science from the UCM. He received the Universidad Complutense de Madrid Medal in 2009, the Maybourn Prize (presented by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh) of the Royal Institute of Navigation of the United Kingdom for the Best Conference on the History of Navigation, in 2016, and the "Puntos Cardinales" Medal of the Spanish Federation of Maritime Leagues in 2018.

He is currently Full Professor of History of Science at the Department of Education in Experimental Sciences, Social Sciences and Mathematics at the UCM (until 2018, the Department of Algebra, Geometry and Topology of the UCM). He has since 1989 taught at the Faculty of Education-Teacher Training Centre of the UCM, where he was Academic Secretary between 2001 and 2009. He has also served as Secretary (and/or Treasurer) of the Spanish Society of History of Science and Technology; of the “Puig Adam” Society of Mathematics Teachers; of the Inter-university Dimensional Analysis Group; of the Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Humanities of Lanzarote; of the Pablo Montesino Cultural Forum, etc.

Writer/coordinator of several dozen books and over 200 book chapters and articles in scientific journals. He has delivered over 300 conference addresses and seminars in Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland, has coordinated several dozen congresses and symposia, curated over 60 exhibitions and taken part in more than 100 radio programmes. He has served as the director of the collections “Scientific Culture Classroom” (1988-1993) and “ Friends of Scientific Culture” (1993-2004), and been in charge of the “Looking back” section of La Gaceta de la Real Sociedad Matemática Española (2001-2011), and is a member of the Scientific Council of Llull. Revista de la Sociedad Española de Historia de las Ciencias y de las Técnicas (2008-), etc.

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