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Alberto Gomis Blanco

Chair of History of Science at the Universidad de Alcalá (2009). He holds a degree and doctorate in Biological Sciences (UCM, 1988), his research interests focusing above all on the History of Natural Sciences in Spain in the 19th Century and first half of the 20th Century, with a particular focus on the figures of Ignacio Bolívar, Eugenio Morales Agacino and Juan Gil Collado, and the introduction of Charles Darwin's works in Spain.

He is the author of over 250 articles and book chapters, and has written a dozen books. Winner of the Rafael Folch History of Pharmacy Award of the Royal National Academy of Pharmacy (1992), the María Isidra de Guzmán Research Award (21st edition, 2016) and the “Antonio Chamorro-Alejandro Otero” Research Chair Award of the Universidad de Granada (2019).

He has served as President of the Spanish Society of the History of Science and Technology (1993-1999) and is now President of the Royal Spanish Society of Natural History (2018-). He is also a correspondent academician of the Royal National Academy of Pharmacy.

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