Sara Martínez Portillo

My name is Sara Martínez Portillo and I am an English Linguistics PhD student currently studying on a part-time basis. I moved to London in 2017 at the same time I enrolled in the PhD programme to pursue a better professional career, which is the reason why I am currently on a voluntary leave.

The provisional title of my thesis is: Contributions of Corpus Stylistics to Literary Translation ENG ↔ SPA. The objectives intended or the questions that need to be solved throughout the research revolve around the results of the merge of the two fields of research involved in the study: Corpus Stylistics and Contrastive Linguistics and Translation.

The methodology employed in my thesis is fundamentally based on merging the methodology of Corpus Stylistics studies (in which the use of specialized technical tools such as software for the detailed analysis of texts) and the methodologies of Contrastive Linguistics and Translation studies (such as the parallel analysis of translated texts) in order to investigate intrinsic linguistic and identity features in the work of an author and the translation of said work.

Research projects I am currently involved in:

  • INNOVA - Corpus lingüístico y tecnologías para la enseñanza, el aprendizaje y la investigación en traducción audiovisual y accesibilidad lingüística (subtitulado para sordos, audio descripción para ciegos y Lengua de Signos Española): normativas de la aplicación.
  • MUST - (Multilingual Student Translation) Corpus; in collaboration with the University of Louvain.


  • “Translating ‘A Clockwork Orange’: A Case Study on the Conundrums of Musical Dramas”. Published by the LTS Journal at Nottingham University.