Sánchez García, María Consuelo

M.ª Consuelo Sánchez García, (English teacher, 53, PhD student in Linguistics at UCM, Complutense University in Madrid) is currently teaching English as a foreign language in the bilingual Secondary Education High School Máximo Trueba, where she experienced the Global Classroom or Model UN teaching methodology and chaperoned a selection of students who represented Spain at the UN headquarters in New York on May 2019. She has been a teacher for the last 24 years as a civil servant for the Spanish Ministry of Education, and worked as a translator for three private companies, two Spanish and one American. At Rey Juan Carlos University she has lectured in the Master´s Degree programme on the application of ICT tools to teach English, has tutored several MA Dissertations and has been a member of the board of examiners for graduate students. She has given lectures, organized and taught seminars for Primary and High School teachers and for undergraduate students on innovative methodologies in the field of ELT such as learning English through songs and ICTs and using phonetics to learn English at an early age.

She did a MA on Spanish at Auburn Unversity, Alabama, USA. This stay inspired the topic of her PhD Dissertation (in progress), which concerns orality in Spanish and English news broadcast programmes. The dissertation concerns the extent to which the language used by newsreaders is influenced by features of orality or by conventions of written language. Mrs. Sánchez has participated during the last three years in three university events: PhD Day Filologia, UCM, Madrid, “Do newsreaders talk, read or tell news?” (2017), III Dissertation Proposal (2016), and a lecture about “Global Classroom/Model UN” in 2016.