Pablo Agustín Artero

Be welcome to my profile within the UCM PhD community program web. My name is Pablo Agustín Artero, and my academic background had it's kickoff with a degree in English Studies here, at Complutense University (2010-2014). As it turns out, in line with the Bolonia Plan, such degree meant nothing much without the Master in Formación de Profesorado which I graduated from in 2015 at UCM as well. Having been a firm enthusiast of education as the means by which one is bound to succeed, I moved on to pursue a Master in Lingüística Inglesa: Nuevas Aplicaciones y Comunicación Internacional (2016) which indeed derived into several academic and professional ventures:

First and foremost, the MA in Linguistics granted me the acceptation into the PhD at UCM, where my main line of thought and research fall into the frame of rhetoric, discourse analysis and contrastive linguistics Spa-Eng, in fact supervised by Dr. Elena Domínguez Romero. Similarly, both the MA and the PhD brought along the chance to be a Foreign Language Teaching Assistant at Occidental College in California and Wesleyan University in Connecticut.

As I am writing these words, the night comes down here at Poindimié in New Caledonia, where I am fulfilling my third year as a Spanish Teaching Assistant in relation to the Auxiliar de Conversación grant, meaning my third research stay and therefore a part-time PhD student. Moreover, I have gotten the message that I needed to pursue the Master in ELE, which I at the moment do online.

Drawing to a close, I have participated in several congresses such as PaCor2018, CUICIID, Congreso UAH-Instituto Franklin, Tesis en tres Minutos, etc. Furthermore, I recently published my first article titled La 'casta' y el 'cambio': el 'diccionario podemos' o fetichismo lingüístico en la reinvención de la retórica política a través del marco tecnológico: twitter' that can be retrieved from .

Please, do not hesitate to contact me at with any concern or suggestion.

Kind regards, Pablo.