Niloofar Fathi

My name is Niloofar Fathizaviyehkord. I’m a PhD student of English linguistics at Complutense University of Madrid. I hold a BA in English Literature and a master’s degree in English translation Studies. Both degrees were obtained in my hometown, Tehran, capital city of Iran.

My MA thesis was conducted on “Adopting Interpretation Strategies”. In October 2017, it was presented in an international conference in Khatam university.

I speak fluent Farsi, English, Spanish and conversational French. I’ve been working as an English teacher and simultaneous and consecutive translator for over ten years. Since language is a reflection of culture and it’s the teacher’s job to develop cultural understanding, I decided I need to opt for a different environment to pursue my PhD Studies. I moved to madrid in 2019 and have been “Investigating the relationship between the ethnic identity of Iranian Immigrants in Spain and their first language maintenance or loss", as the subject of my PhD dissertation.

Please feel free to contact me to share similar research ideas and questions.