Miglar Chávez Solenova

THE TITLE OF THE DISSERTATION: The Discourse Construction of the Image of Russia in the British and American Press in 2005. A Contrastive Study.

The current thesis is focused on the way the image of Russia as a threat has been developed and reflected in the British and American digital press, and how it has affected the overall perception of the country and its significance as a political actor worldwide. This is related to the importance of how linguistic expression and communication can influence, in a very significant way, not only the understanding of Russia’s image as a whole, but also its construction and interpretation in the Western world.

The main aspects in this thesis include the study of the different elements such as contrastive written discourse for the analysis of the media texts; the theoretical analysis and description of the historical development of Russia’s image as a threat and how it has been constructed and interpreted until the present, taking into a count the already mentioned linguistic expression and communication; the role of various actors within a specific context in a particular time frame (the year 2005). 

The study is based on the analysis of a series of articles, including the combination of the different linguistic means (mainly rhetorical and lexical-semantic aspects), which are very important in order to understand the building and interpretation of Russia’s image in the mentioned text articles.