Irene Soriano

Irene Soriano Flórez is a PhD candidate in English Linguistics at Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) under the supervision of Dr. Emma Dafouz Milne.
She holds a MA in Applied Linguistics from University College London (UCL, Distinction), and she graduated in the BA in English Studies at Complutense (UCM, Premio Extraordinario de Grado). She was an Erasmus Student at Sussex University (Brighton, UK) and she collaborated as an intern for an academic year in the Linguistics Department at Complutense, where she is an honorific collaborator since 2017.

She is a member of the international, SHIFT research project ‘Understanding the Internationalisation of Higher Education from the Student Perspective’. Her main academic interest focuses on multilingual practices and policies within the internationalisation of higher education. She is also a member of UCM’s Research Group ‘The Role of English in the Internationalization of Spanish Higher Education’.

As a former intern in the Executive Agency of Education at the EU Commission, a qualified English teacher and a current Europaeum Scholar she is devoted to education and language policy implementation.

Reachable via and happy to get in touch.