Irene Menéndez de la Rosa

Hi all!

My name is Irene Menéndez de la Rosa, and I am currently pursuing my PhD research in Translation Studies at the Department of English Linguistics of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM).

Prior to starting my PhD studies, I graduated in Translation and Interpreting at the UCM, and hold a master’s degree in Conference Interpreting from the Universidad de Granada. Additionally, I have worked as a Translator and Interpreter (both freelance and in-house) ever since I graduated, and I continue to do so while also researching for my PhD.

My PhD dissertation is a corpus-based comparative analysis focused on the audiovisual translation and dubbing into Castilian Spanish of audience’s perception conflicts related to the fluctuation of languages or linguistic variations in the English original version of audiovisual works.

Main areas of interest: Translation Studies, Audiovisual Translation (AVT), dubbing, multilingualism in AVT, linguistic variations (especially accents and potential associated stereotypes), Translation techniques, and audience’s perception.

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