Irene Menéndez de la Rosa

Irene Menéndez de la Rosa is a Translator, Education Agent and PhD student currently pursuing a PhD research in Translation Studies at the Department of English Linguistics of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). In 2023 she did a research stay at the University of Antwerp, and collaborated with the TricS (UAntwerp) research group. She is also an active member of the INNOVA (UCM) research group.

Prior to starting her PhD studies, she graduated in Translation and Interpreting at the UCM, and holds a master’s degree in Conference Interpreting from the Universidad de Granada. Additionally, she works as a Translator and Interpreter, and Education Agent (coordinating International Education Programs abroad), while also researching for her PhD.

Her PhD dissertation is a corpus-based comparative analysis focused on the audiovisual translation and dubbing into Castilian Spanish of audience’s reception crisis points related to the fluctuation of languages or linguistic variations in the English original version of audiovisual works.

Main areas of interest: Translation Studies, Audiovisual Translation (AVT), dubbing, multilingualism in AVT, linguistic variations (especially accents and potential associated stereotypes), Translation techniques, audiovisual consumption habits, and audience’s perception/reception.

Published works:

  • Menéndez, I. (2023). Book review of "Science Fiction Cinema in the Twenty-First Century: Transnational Futures, Cosmopolitan Concerns" by  Pablo Gómez-Muñoz (pp. 51-52). Nexus (Aedean), 2023.

  • Menéndez, I. (2022). Book review of "From Subordination to Insubordination: A Functional-Pragmatic Approach to if/si Constructions in English, French and Spanish Spoken Discourse" by Cristina Lastres-López (pp. 31-33). Nexus (Aedean), 2022.

  • Menéndez, I. (2022). Book review of "El inglés y el español en contacto en los Estados Unidos. Reflexiones acerca de los retos, dilemas y complejidad de la situación sociolingüística estadounidense", edited by Silvia Betti and Renata Enghels (Rome: Aracne Editrice, 2020). Miscelanea: A Journal of English and American Studies (literature, film and cultural studies), Vol. 65, 2022.



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