Inmaculada Ibarrondo

My name is Inmaculada Ibarrondo Jurado and currently a full-time PhD student in English Linguistics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). All my life I have been surrounded by languages starting with my father’s mother-tongue Basque (Euskera), my always loved English, Latin and ancient Greek that enthralled me at high school, or my husband’s Hindi. My love for languages has always been there, especially for English.
I got a Master’s Degree in Education for English teaching at Udima University in 2020 though I have been teaching English on and off for many years. I always loved travelling and cultures, that’s why I studied Tourism at Sevilla’s University and spent a few years living and working in Scotland and England.
My PhD dissertation focuses on the construction of British and Indo-Pakistani cultural identities in the British cinema released in the United Kingdom, where I try to illustrate the relation between the languages of these societies and their identities, through a critical discourse analysis of some representative films of the transnational cinema released in United Kingdom during the first decade of the year 2000.
My main areas of interest are Language and Identity, Discourse Analysis and Contrastive Linguistics.
Please, feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about my current research: