Gemma Plaza Tejedor

Gemma Plaza Tejedor holds a BA in English Studies from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, an MA in English Linguistics from UNED, and an MA in English Teaching from UNED. 

As an undergraduate student, she developed an interest in corpus analysis and historical linguistics, having focused on Modern English, precisely the Late Modern English period. Her BA dissertation consisted of a corpus study on negative constructions in the Modern English period, which granted her a first with honors. For her MA dissertation, she carried out a corpus analysis of perfect constructions in nineteenth and twentieth-century Australian English.

Gemma has been an exchange student at the University of Essex (2012-13) and has worked as a language assistant in England for two years. She is currently a second-year PhD student, which she combines with her job as an English teacher. 

PhD dissertation: A corpus-based study on the language of school logbooks in East Anglia at the turn of the 20th century (1862-1914).


Conference presentations 
  • Plaza Tejedor, G. (2017, September 22). Bilingualism in children with Down Syndrome. UPCEL 2017, Madrid.

  • Plaza Tejedor, G. (2019, September 20). The regularisation of irregular past participles in perfect constructions in 19th century Australian English. XXXIV Congreso Internacional de la AJL, Valencia.
  • Plaza Tejedor, G. (2020, January 29). ‘He is gone to the diggings’: the sociolinguistics behind perfect auxiliaries in nineteenth-century Australia. UPCEL 2020, Madrid.