Eugenia Belén Iglesias

My name is Eugenia Belén Iglesias Rama and I’m currently doing my PhD in English Linguistics at the UCM and I am an honorific collaborator in the English Department at the
same university. Before starting this project, I completed my degree in English Studies at the Universidad de Valencia and a Master’s degree in English Linguistics at UCM.
My research focuses on facework and the differences between CMC and FtF TV series’ fan interaction, being my dissertation title: Facework behaviour in conflict situations in TV series online fan interaction in websites and face-to-face conversations: A contrastive analysis between English and Spanish. My main areas of research are sociolinguistics, pragmatics and accessibility in translation.
This year, I will be taking part in the followin g congress:
- “XVII Congreso Internacional "Traducción, Texto e Interferencias"” (June, 2021)
If you have some questions about my research, please do not hesitate to contact me at: