Elena Martínez Caro

FULL NAME: Elena Martínez Caro

POSITION: Associate Professor (Tenured) (TU)

CURRENT RESEARCH INTERESTS: Relations between discourse and grammar, text linguistics. Discourse analysis (discourse organisation, discourse markers and discourse units, the discourse function of digression) and the syntax-pragmatics interface (information structure, especially the functions of topic and focus). Language variation and text types. Evaluative language; grammar and the expression of emotion. The syntax-semantics and the discourse-pragmatics interfaces. Perspectives adopted: discourse-functional linguistics, corpus linguistics, English-Spanish contrastive linguistics. 

PhD SUPERVISION EXPERIENCE: Supervision of the PhD dissertation by Noelia Navarro Gil "Academic discourse at university: Corpus approaches to learner writing" (with Dr. Helena Roquet), defended in June 2020 (Cum Laude), an article-based dissertation ('tesis por compendio de artículos'). I was also the supervisor in Spain of Talita Storti's dissertation on concessive relations in Brazilian Portuguese in the framework of FDG, defended in May 2010 at UNESP University, San Jose do Río Preto, Brazil.

Currently supervising four PhD Dissertations on author attribution in an anonymous work (partly associated to Shakespeare); morphosyntactic differences between Trinidad and Standard English; the expression of time in English, Chinese and Spanish; and lexical variation and homegeneity in contemporary Spanish.

I have also been the supervisor in Spain (February to April 2020) of Emeline Pierre's thesis on passive-like structures in Spanish, French and English (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium) still in progress. 

I WOULD WELCOME DISSERTATION PROPOSALS FROM CANDIDATES WORKING ON: The research areas stated above, and topics within the areas of EFL teaching of grammar and forensic linguistics.