Elena Grigorovici

Hello everyone!! My name is Elena Grigorovici and I graduated in English and Japanese Philology (First Class Honors) at Christian University of Bucharest.

I have been living in Spain for some years now.  I am currently doing my PhD in English Linguistics at the Department of English Language and Linguistics at Complutense University in Madrid. Teaching English as a foreign language made me become really interested in the field of linguistics. Therefore, in 2016 I took my MA in Applied Linguistics at the Autonomous University of Madrid where I researched and analyzed the effectiveness of using the iPad together with Kahoot! as a tool for assessment in the EFL secondary school classroom.

My current thesis is focused on the the impact of ITC on learning, teaching and assessing English as a foreign language. I am really interested in knowing ways of teaching English in a more appealing way as well as how to assess students in a non-traditional way.

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