Claudio Mastrangelo

My name is Claudio Mastrangelo, I am 28 years old and I am from Italy. At the moment, I speak seven languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Dutch. After finishing my secondary school in Italy, I moved to Brussels where I obtained a Bachelor degree in Translation and Interpreting. I did my exchange year in Beijing where I discovered more about Chinese language and culture. In 2016, I moved to Madrid to study two Masters at Complutense University of Madrid, one in English linguistics and another in Teaching. Since my arrival in Spain, I have been working full-time as a secondary teacher

I am a second-year PhD student and my dissertation is entitled: Human-Animal Hybrids Categorisation: A Trilingual Cognitive Linguistics Study on Fantastic Creatures. I started this research based on a research paper I wrote during the Master in English Linguistics where I analysed some fantastic creatures in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in Chinese and how they were classified comparing the translators’ choices with an empirical study. The aim of my PhD research is to discredit the strong version of the linguistics relativity hypothesis formulated by Sapir-Whorf by analysing how Chinese speakers categorise unreal entities then compared with English and Spanish speakers. I believe that despite the differences between languages, there are some universal concepts that are shared among all communities around the world. My research can contribute to the Cognitive Linguistics field to understand the cognitive processes of the human mind. In terms of contributions to conferences, my aforementioned paper has been accepted for the AELCO 2020 conference which will be held, due to the current status, in September 2022. I participated in the I Congreso Anual de Estudiantes de Doctorado in February 2021 and I have been a guest speaker for several podcasts such as Queridapodcast, En pantuflas and Untranslatable where I spoke about my research or my recent translation into Italian of the novel Seis Caminos en la Niebla by Juan Pablo Rueda. In March 2020, I created an Instagram account called @phdlinguist where I share my transcreation analysis of Harry Potter, Pokémon, etc.