Begoña Núñez Perucha

FULL NAME: Begoña Núñez Perucha

POSITION: Associate Professor (Untenured) (PCD)

CURRENT RESEARCH INTERESTS: (a) Critical Discourse Studies, especially focusing on the intersection of Critical Discourse Analysisand Cognitive Linguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis and Gender Studies, and Critical Discourse Analysis and Higher Education Discourses. (b) Academic Discourse and language pedagogy in Higher Education: lecture discourse in an EMI context and the use of genre-based approaches for analysing and teaching academic writing, an area where she has also co-ordinated an innovation project.

PhD SUPERVISION EXPERIENCE: Co-supervision of 2,completed, PhD theses (on ideological discourse structures in opinion articles and the US media representation of the atomic age, from a cognitive-critical perspective)

I WOULD WELCOME DISSERTATION PROPOSALS FROM CANDIDATES WORKING ON: (a) The relations between discourse, cognition and ideology or between discourse and identity. (b) Spoken and/or written academic discourse in higher education from a genre-based perspective.