Asunción Sánchez Padilla

My name is Asunción Sánchez Padilla, and I am currently pursuing a PhD in English Linguistics at Complutense University of Madrid under the supervision of Dr. Jorge Braga Riera. I have also obtained a Bachelor in English Studies at the University of Alcalá and a Master's in Book Publishing at the Autonomous University of Madrid. During my degree, I spend a year at the University of Glasgow as an Erasmus student. I have also obtained a Master's Degree in Literary Translation at Complutense University of Madrid.

My research stems from the one I started during my master's thesis, where I investigated the censorship that the Spanish translations of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World suffered before and after the Spanish Civil War. Afterwards, I was interested in how almost forty years of a system of censorship affect a narrower field: that of LGBTI+ theatre translations performed in Spain in the post-Franco era, when there is no longer a censorship system in place. Therefore, the main aim of my research is to study the ideological reception of translated LGBTI+ plays written by British and American authors, and how much the translations differ from the original works. Besides my research in queer theatre translation, I am also interested in feminist, postcolonial and speculative fiction. 

I am also a member of the Innovative Teaching Project Ala Este. Revista de Teoría de la Literatura y Literatura Comparada, where I was part of the organising committee of the first Ala Este congress: “El brillo inútil: experimentación, juventud y creación” at Complutense University of Madrid. I currently teach English at the Carlos III University of Madrid and I am interested in English-Spanish translation projects.

I have participated as a speaker in the annual conference organised by the English Department of Saint Louis University Madrid (21-22 April 2023) with the paper: “Adapting a Myth: The Role of Translation in the Establishment of Little Red Riding Hood in Western Literary Canon”.

If you have any questions about my research or want to discuss anything further, you can contact me at