Ángel Raúl Rodríguez

I hold a BA in English Studies from Universidad de La Laguna (Teneriffe) and an MA in Specialized Translation from Universidad de Cataluña.

As an undergraduate student, I developed an interest in accessibility as my uncle is Deaf and I always wanted to communicate using my hands. That was the main reason why I became a sign language interpreter. My MA dissertation consisted in a corpus study on Audiovisual Translation, focusing on live subtitling. 

I have been an exchange student at the Graz University (Austria) and worked in England when I was nineteen. I am currently a first-year PhD student, which I combine with my job as an English and Language teacher. Apart from my collaborations as a sign language interpreter in live concerts and other events in order to promote sign language in social media. I share some of this content in my youtube channel as "Raúl Trajkovska". 

PhD dissertation: Live subtitling