Master's Degrees

Helena Pérez Gallardo

Lecturer in the Art History Department and specialist in the History of the Photographic Representation of Architecture and Art. She is co-director of the Research Group “Figuración, representación e imágenes de la arquitectura. Del siglo XVI a la actualidad” [Figuration, representation and images of architecture. From the 16th century to the present day] (www.ucm.esfyra), evaluated as excellent by the State Research Agency. She is IP, together with the Professor of Art History, Delfín Rodríguez Ruiz, from R + D + i “Italian and French graphic models in Spanish architecture. She participates and collaborates in various international projects with the Vatican Apostolic Library and the Centro di Studi dulla Cultura e l’Immagine in Rome.

She also has curated several exhibitions, among the most recent “Piranesi en la Biblioteca Nacional de España” [Piranesi in the National Library of Spain] (2019), “Mirar la arquitectura. Fotografía monumental en el siglo XIX” [Look at the Architecture. Monumental photography in the 19th century] (2015), both held at the National Library of Spain. She is the author of various books such as the “Diccionario de historia de la fotografía” [Dictionary of the History of Photography] (Chair, 2002 and 2009 in a second edition corrected and expanded), “Historia general de la fotografía” [General History of Photography], a collective work with six editions (Chair, 2008), “Fotografía y arquitectura en el siglo XIX. Historia y representación monumental” [Photography and architecture in the 19th century. History and monumental representation] (Cátedra, 2015) and soon will appear in Ediciones Complutense “La imagen del progreso. La fotografía de las obras públicas en el siglo XIX” [The image of progress. The photography of public works in the XIX century]

She has also published various papers on photography and its relationship with museums, artistic, architectural and industrial heritage. In addition, she has directed various Educational Innovation Projects on the photographic collections related to the Professor Enrique Lafuente Ferrari funds and the construction of the University City, both preserved in the Historical Library Marqués de Valdecilla of the Complutense University of Madrid.