Master's Degrees

Leticia García-Villaluenga

Leticia García Villaluenga, is a full professor of Civil Law at Complutense University of Madrid. Her lines of research and her work have been linked, for more than 20 years, to Mediation and conflict resolution. She was founder and directs since 1997 the Master of Mediation of the UCM (, since 2007, directs the UCM Research Group: "Sistemas cooperativos de gestión de conflictos, mediación, negociación y cultura de paz en la sociedad del siglo XXI- ADRsXXI" ["Cooperative systems of conflict management, mediation, negotiation and culture of peace in society of the 21st century- ADRsXXI"] ( Presides and co-founded the Conferencia de Universidades para el Estudio de la Mediación y el Conflicto [University Conference for the Study of Mediation and Conflict - CUEMYC]( She was Co-founder and directed from 2007 to 2016 the Instituto Complutense de mediación [Complutense Mediation Institute]. He directs the Mediation collection of the Editorial Reus and co-directs the Anuario de Mediación [Mediation Yearbook], awarded last year as the best scientific publication in the field. She has been a researcher and visiting scholar at Stanford University, and a researcher at Berkeley University.