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Master's Degrees

Final MA dissertation

In the present academic year (2020–2021), continuing with the protocol in place from the previous year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, final MA dissertations will be sent to the Coordinators solely in PDF format, using for such purposes the Virtual Campus email address. Therefore, each student will submit their work through the University’s Moodle/Virtual Campus corresponding to their enrolment, and the submission of the work will be officially registered (by date). 

The final MA dissertation defence will take place between ten days after submission and the date on which final grades are issued, depending on the number of dissertations presented and the availability of members making up the panels. Once again, and given the current circumstances, the MA dissertation defence will take place via video conference.   

The final MA dissertation Teaching Guide is available (in Spanish) HERE. On pages 6 and 7, there is specific information on the formal characteristics of the paper: structure, length, appendices (if applicable), etc.

Submissions of the final MA dissertation are governed by the same terms and conditions as course enrolments. As a result, to pass a course — compulsory, optional or the final MA dissertation — students can enrol up to three times. Given that enrolment can be carried out during two periods in the year — June and September — students have a total of six different periods to pass a course (including the final MA dissertation).

The February assessment is in the form of a re-assessment and must be formally requested from the Student Administration within the dates indicated. Should the February re-assessment be requested but not made use of, the last available assessment in the academic year will automatically be in June. Click here for more information (in Spanish).