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Intensive Course


                                                                                                                          Josep Borrell y Federica Mogherini. / EC


The Module Towards an European defence?: Future challenges in the CSDP in a new cycle / anEUDefence will provide EU students of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) and other academic institutions, as well as graduates, professionals, and members of the civil society and military bodies holding a basic knowledge on the European Union (EU) institutions and procedures, an intensive training that will enable them to have an advanced knowledge on the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) -the framework established by the Treaty on European Union (TEU) to set the political and military structures of the EU-, its development capabilities, military and civilian missions and operations abroad, the cooperation with strategic partners and International Organizations (IO) and the range of tools at the disposal of the EU to assert its weight in the complex balance of forces exerted by traditional, new and re-emerging actors who play in our backyard.


Commun Security and Defence Policy (CSDP)

  • The European Defence Policy: The new political cycle
  • The global geopolitical landscape
  • The EU as a security provider
  • From security policy to an emerging common defence
  • The CSDP: objectives, competence and functioning
  • The determining political factors: Civilian and military capabilities, EU conflict prevention and crisis management
  • Towards a European Defence: a great challenge for the 21st Century
  • Key global and regional powers: USA, China and Russia
  • Civil and military operations: planning and leadership. Multinational Cooperation/Budget
  • Perspective of the industrial and technological base of the European defence industry. Links with the Union's policies on research, industry and space. The case of Spain
  • The PESCO and its impact on the industrial defence policy
  • The new Multiannual Financial Framework 2020-2027
  • The impact of Brexit and the reactivation of the common defence: the leap to the integration
  • Resolution of practical cases related to the International Humanitarian Law
  • Relations and links with social media
  • The gender factor in civil and military operations

Energy Security

  • EU energy security strategy in the global energy transformation framework
  • EU energy security and geopolitical implication: EU-Russia energy relations
  • EU-Russia energy interdependence: a challenge for EU security
  • Energy interactions among EU, Russia and China: implications for the EU
  • Energy vulnerability of NATO countries on Eastern flank
  • EU energy diversification strategy to increase energy security: sources, routes and technologies. Analyzing the option of transatlantic cooperation

Communication and Geopolitics

  • New Public Diplomacy, Soft Power and EU Communication
  • EU Communication Policy
  • EU against disinformation
  • EU foreign and defence policy dealing with hybrid/digital attacks
  • Russian Disinformation over Europe: How to combat it?
  • Foreign disinformation and Fake News during EU and EU member states elections

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