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Master's Degrees

The Master’s Degree in Audiovisual Translation and Localisation (UAM-UCM) (introduced in the 2018-2019 academic year) offers advanced, multidisciplinary and technological training in translation. It trains professionals and researchers in the field of translation technologies and audiovisual translation through a comprehensive programme. The syllabus addresses three areas of growing demand: the different audiovisual translation techniques and processes; the localisation of digital content, products and services of all kinds; and the management of translation projects in language service providers.


A common theme throughout is the use of technologies to reinforce productivity and quality, both in terms of processes and results. The specific focus of the master's degree consists of improving the practical implementation of interlinguistic products and services, especially those involving computer applications and management processes. The aim is for graduates to achieve an advanced level of training and the ability to carry out tasks, while at the same time developing a capacity for analysis and quality orientation.


The master’s degree offers a qualification, in classroom mode, focused on Audiovisual Translation (track A) and another open to the different areas of Localisation (track B) that respond to the demands of 21st century society: video games, software and apps, websites. The teaching staff is specialised and, in addition to the UAM and UCM faculty, includes well-known specialists and audiovisual translators through a programme of seminars, conferences and lectures. Completion of the programme gives access to official PhD programmes in the Humanities.