Proyectos de Investigación

Intensive Course


The aim of this intensive course is to provide EU and non-EU students from the UCM and other local academic institutions, graduates, professionals and members of the civil society with basic knowledge on the European Union institutions and procedures, a specialized formation focused in the field of the analysis of the relationship and cooperation policy of the EU with the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean, focusing on the European Neighbourhood Policy, energy, environment and its impact on security and defence.

The Module will foster the networking amongst participants, facilitating the creation of lines of debate and research about the role of the EU in the area.


European Neighbourhood Policy

  • Approach to the EU Political System.
  • The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) in the light of Global Strategy presented by Mogherini.
  • Undertaking a further review of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). Regional, Neighbourhood-wide and Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) programmes.
  • Multilevel governance. A new mode of governance which involves local and regional authorities in the formulation and implementation of European policies.
  • Good practice case: the role of Spanish regions in foreign affairs and in the EU making process. The especial case of Extremadura region.

 Security and Defence

  • Strategic Environmental Challenges in Europe and the Mediterranean in the light of the Global Strategy (EUGS).
  • EU Common Security and Defence Policy: tools to face challenges in the Mediterranean. A key role about The European External Action Service (EEAS).
  • The European Union in the Mediterranean: hard or soft security?.
  • CSDP Bottlenecks: Spearheading European Defence.
  • The Development of a Defensive Alliance: Permanent Structured Cooperation and Mutual Assistance and Solidarity (Articles 42.6 and 42.7 respectively of the Lisbon Treaty).


  • Approach to the EU Energy Policy: History and Fundamentals.
  • EU external energy policy: external policy and implications for energy security.
  • Global and EU energy trends: EU energy security strategy in the global energy transformation framework.
  • Mediterranean Region: strategic option for energy security. Energy opportunities in Western and Eastern Mediterranean.
  • Proposals for a new EU energy agenda towards the Mediterranean Region.


  • Strategical environmental challenges in the Mediterranean: maritime pollution, deforestation, renewable energy.
  • Climate change, (in)stability and (in)security: Can climate change fuel conflicts and fragile states?.
  • Security and environment in the Mediterranean: from terrorism to food (in)security.
  • Environmental EU policy and the rise of the Green Diplomacy: Can the EU be a leader in its neighbourhood?.

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