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María Isabel Nieto Fernández

Academic Coordinator. Expertise on European Community System, European Policy, European Neighbourhood Policy, Regional Policy and International Relations. Apart from her academic experience, she has a long professional experience on European Politics and International Relations, working as a specialist and advisor in European Affairs for local and regional governments in Spain since 2003, managing the Foreign Affairs Service of the regional government of Extremadura from 2011 till 2012, acting as an alternate member of the Committee of the Regions, acquiring a deep knowledge of the role of regional organizations in the design of national policies and European Public Policies, specially regional Policy. In the module, Maria Isabel will focus on the ENP and on “multilevel governance”.




Francisco Aldecoa Luzárraga

Staff Member. Chair on International Relations at the Department of International Public Law and International Relations at the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2000). Vice-President of the Spanish Federal Council of the European Movement, he was head of the Jean Monnet Chair on the European Political Model and its External Dimension since 1994. His main areas of interest are Security and Defence in Europe, International Relations and European Integration, as well as the analysis of Foreign Policy, International Cooperation, changes in diplomacy, and integration processes. He is author, co-author and/or editor of more than hundred books, chairing, co-chairing or lecturing in multitude of lectures in international workshops and seminars focusing mainly in European Security and Defence, NATO, Mediterranean Security, and Spanish Foreign Policy. In this module, Professor Aldecoa will focus on the Security and Defence.

Soledad Segoviano Monterrubio

Staff Member. Specialist on security and defence studies and foreign policy, with special emphasis since 2011 on energy security. She has given lectures in the Master on Security and Defence at UCM, with the collaboration of the Defence College of the Armed Forces (ESFAS, Ministry of Defence). She has also participated as lecturer at the British Forum Petroleum Energy and Sustainability, organized by the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICAI/ICADE) and in the Seminar on energy supply, organized by the Institute of International Affairs and Foreign Policy (INCIPE) and the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies (IEEE) of the Ministry of Defence. In this Module, Proff. Segoviano will analyze the challenges of the European energy security strategy in a changing global landscape and will discuss the policies and mechanisms in order to improve and strengthen it. The promotion of a better and deeper energy cooperation between the EU and its Mediterranean southern neighbours represents a singular opportunity to achieve newly defined strategic goals for both regions.

Xira Ruiz Campillo

Staff Member. Expertise on European security, conflict prevention, conflict’s root causes and crisis management in Common Security and Defence Policy. Knowledge on humanitarian crisis and refugee crisis due to her work on UNHCR, where she focussed on how security at all levels can fuel migration flows as well as on the various responses the international community has at its disposal to face those challenges. During the last years her interests have centred on environmental issues and its relation with the emergence of conflicts and instability, specifically to the links between human security and climate change.
In the module, Proff. Ruiz will focus on how environmental problems in the Mediterranean are both a challenge for the EU security and an opportunity in terms of investment and of enhancing the EU leadership on environment.