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Theoretical Physics Posters



 (Final layout: Fernando Ruiz)

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UCM Research group with participation from department members 

Fields and strings - Group web

Quantum information and computation - Group web

Mathematical Physics - Group web

Effective theories in modern physics - Group web

Dynamics of disordered systems - Group web

(Extinct: Statistical field theory group- Group web )






Information about the research activity of several department members can be found in their individual webpages.

The following links lead to academic databases to gain a picture of our staff's scientific production.


A. Bermúdez (Google)

F. J. Chinea  (inSPIRE)

A. Decelle (Google) (ResearcherID)

A. Dobado (InSPIRE)

L. A. Fernández Pérez (Google)

F. Finkel  (Google)   (ResearcherID)

L. J. Garay   (Google)   (inSPIRE)   (ResearcherID)

A. González López  (Google)   (ResearcherID)

L. M. González Romero  (inSPIRE)

A. Gómez Nicola  (inSPIRE)

D. Gómez-Ullate  (Google)

F. J. Llanes Estrada (InSPIRE) (Harvard ADS) (Orcid)

A. López Maroto (InSPIRE)

M. Mañas  (Google)  (ResearcherID)

M. A. Martín-Delgado (Google)

V. Martín Mayor (Google) (ResearcherID)

P. Martín Moruno (InSPIRE)

L. Martínez  (ResearcherID)

J. R. Peláez  (Google)   (inSPIRE)

C. Pérez Martín (InSPIRE)

A. Rivas Vargas (Google) (ResearcherID)

M. A. Rodríguez  (ResearcherID)

J. A. Ruiz Cembranos (InSPIRE)

J. J. Sanz Cillero (InSPIRE)

I. Scimemi  (inSPIRE)

B. Seoane (Google) (ResearcherID)

P. Tempesta  (Google)



Research picture gallery


Open source programs and similar material 


(resources for Transverse Momentum Distributions, TMDs.  Site developed by prof. Ignazio Scimemi at our department, and by Alexei Vladimirov).


nEoS,  Neutron Matter Equations of State

(Equations of State for neutron stars *free of astrophysical or General Relativity information", using only hadron physics; they can be used to swipe uncertainty
bands in theories of modified gravity).