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Reading room

Reading room

The department of theoretical physics ows over 5000 books catalogued within the main university collection. You can consult the online catalogue, though not all are easily accessible.  



If you need a volume deposited at theoretical physics you should contact the physics faculty librarian.

  • You must note that loan conditions  are somewhat restrictive, since the collection is for preferential use of departmental staff. 

  • The department members cannot provide you with a book. We will only allow access to the physics librarian who can search the book for you during office hours.

  • Internal loan:  no volume may be withdrawn without registering your username and the unique book identifier in the electronic loan system of the university. This may be done: online or in person at the journal room (just go down to the first floor and take the book with you), by telephone, or through the departmental secretary.


Temporary measure

  • Many volumes are boxed (and thus, not accessible) in waiting to be deposited at the future storage facility of the facultad. We regret any inconveniences.


Departmental staff and graduate students may reserve any of the two seminar rooms for any appropriate academic purpose.