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Contest: Women in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

A poster contest for our students, in celebration of the international day of women and girls in science

Posters selected for the contest

The jury has admitted the following contributions, alphabetized by their author's last name:


ofía Kovalevskaya (presented by Mrs. Sara Abentín de Gregorio)       First prize (ex aequo)

Emmy Noether (presented by Mrs. Sara Abentín de Gregorio)             Third prize


Lise Meitner  (presented by Mrs.  Natalia Castillo Vecino)                      First prize (ex aequo)

Emmy Noether (presented by Mrs. Natalia Castillo Vecino)              

Evelyn Body Granville (presented by Mrs. Henar Díez Añorbe)        

Katherine Johnson (presented by Mrs. Laura Pérez Molina)               

Helen Quinn (presented by Mrs. Laura Pérez Molina)                         



We thank all participants for their interest and encourage those that were not selected this time to persevere.


Seminar by the awarded participants

The video record of part of the session where the winning contestants present their poster

can be downloaded here.

Should the download not start automatically, you can try copying the following link in your browser:



Rules for the contest (in spanish)