Governing body of the Theoretical Physics Department

According to the REGLAMENTO DE CENTROS Y ESTRUCTURAS de la UCM (Feb. 2010):

"The departmental council will be composed of

a) All doctors and professors, and a representation of the rest of researchers, as defined in articles 109 and 110 of the statutes, summing 70% of the
voting rights (5% must be the representation of other researchers).

b) Representatives of students following courses taught by the department, with 25% of the membership, from which 20% will be undergraduate and 5% 
graduate students (if they elect no representatives, their share will be added to the undergraduate category).

c) A representation of the staff for administration and other services assigned to the department, constituting 5% of the body."


To this Theoretical Physics Departmental Council currently belong, in addition to the doctors serving at the department, the following

Representantives of administration and service staff:

      David Fernández Sanz and Ángela Lera Abajo

Representatives of postgraduate students:

      Clara Álvarez Luna, Daniel Gutiérrez Reyes y José Manuel Sánchez Velázquez

Representatives of undergraduate students (2018-19):

- Diego Esteban Barranco:

- Enrique García Sánchez:


Minutes of departmental council meetings of former FTII department   (password protected)